Thursday, January 22, 2009

CubyataI think that is how you spell it, Cubyata is a lovely Christmas treat of almonds dipped in sugar. So simple yet so tasty. There is an art to not making it stick to your saucepan, body and fingers - but it is easy to make, my Aunty Eleanor is the pro at it.

Recipe: One cup of sugar for every cup of chopped almonds. Roasted almonds also give it more flavour. I think you need a cup of water to dip your hands in frequently when you are transferring the almonds from the pot to the small portions on a serving tray or you can serve them in those cupcake paper liners, not sure what they are properly called. I think I tried this once with a cup of butter by my side to not make my fingers stick to the pot! Also, I always thought these were covered in honey but it is just plain white sugar.

Easy to make and a nice thing to serve alongside fruit or dessert.


Anonymous said...

Dipped in sugar - HA. More like drenched and rolled! I always thought it was Cubyda....with a 'd' not a 't'. La ya, your favourite cousin C.

Sands said...

Am sure every Nonna spells it differently, but who knows who was right since no one went to school! luv to you too fave cousin C xo