Sunday, January 04, 2009

Last minute potluck creativityHappy New Year to All! Am back on track to blogging, it was a nice break but the food adventures must continue...
For a potluck dinner over the holidays, a friend of mine was late from work and stuck for what to bring - creative genius struck and she went and ordered loads of chips/french fries and onion rings from the famous Canadian institution called Harvey's. Fries and onion rings were a nice treat and something out of the ordinary for a potluck dinner, they were also deliciously good!

Harvey's started in 1959 in Richmond Hill and the original location is still there, just looking on the website is making me hungry! Harvey's always makes your hamburger, 'A Beautiful Thing' (from their ad campaign). And while visiting Eleni in Richmond Hill, a cool jeans wearer member of the family brought us Harvey's. I had a flame broiled chicken burger with fries.

As I have said before, my friends are not only beautiful but they are smart and now I can add creative to the mix! I am going to bring fries and onion rings to the next potluck I am invited to, just need to find a Harvey's equivalent here in blighty.

'Well, I was at Union Station and I saw a Harvey's...'

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