Monday, January 05, 2009

Figs ripieniA traditional recipe from Mr V - he said his grandmother used to make these in Calabria around Christmas time.

  • grated tangerine rind and tangerine juice
  • Walnuts
  • grated semi-sweet chocolate
  • Sambuca, cognac or homemade grappa (moonshine) -your choice
  • Fresh figs - Turkish ones (apparently they are bigger and better)
Create your own quantities of the above ingredients as you may want it more fruity and nutty or more alcohol laden.

  • Make a cut in each fig so you can open it wide enough to fill
  • Mix the juice of one tangerine and some grated tangerine rind with your alcohol of choice
  • Fill each fig with a little of this juice mixture until it is absorbed
  • Fill each fig with some chopped walnuts and grated chocolate
  • Store in a container with bay leaves as the bay leaf gives it a distinct flavour and fragrance
Serve before dinner with an aperitif or after dinner with fruit/cheese & wine.

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