Monday, December 01, 2008

Betty & I
With a little help from Betty Crocker and the Bunny rabbit, we made 4 cakes to create this 4-0 for Jappy's bday. It had a layer of white icing in between and was decorated with some lovely toppings that I bought at Waitrose.

There were a few glitches before the final product came to fruition e.g. cake sticking to the pan, the cakes exploded in the oven into pimple-like structures so some creative cutting was in order, icing and cake crumbs all over the kitchen, trying to open the door with chocolate frosting covered hands, general icing difficulties, finding chocolate icing on my arm at the club and more... but, the end result looked good and it didn't get jostled too much in the taxi.
Luckily the designer-extraordinaire was in town from Prague to make the '4.' It looked like it would be an arrow with a 0 cake before she stepped in to make a cutout of a 4. Thanks E!
Even the waiters loved it.
The delivery.The birthday boy

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