Sunday, October 05, 2008

We luv LoLaI got a lovely gift of cupcakes from Lola's Kitchen in Primrose Hill. I must say this is a wonderful gift to give and receive as it is great to get such yummy food in such a delightful package. It is also better when you can share something so wonderfully delicious.

Freshly baked each day these cupcakes not only looked perfect, they tasted divine and with so many different flavours in the box I had cupcakes for afternoon snack and dinner (and that is after sharing it with the team!) I think I even had a cupcake for breakfast the next day. Yes, the autumnal fat collecting on the body, which can be hidden with big sweaters, can commence!

What a lovely gift! I am now going to have to go into Lola's to have a look at and smell of the shop. Nothing better than the smell of fresh cupcakes!
Flavours are not your average chocolate and vanilla - they come in peanut butter, banana, mocha, caramel, pistacchio, strawberry, rocky road and more....yum!The always handsome BJT below showing off the cupcake package.

And this last pic of BJT is not food related but really liked it! I especially like the tag on the captain's hat. Always something interesting going on with the leg shaker!

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