Saturday, October 18, 2008

This is why I am 5 pounds fatter
This post is for Jono and Rexi - famous quote:
'I can taste the limone.'

I had gelato as much as possible last week in Sicily as I knew there wouldn't be any when I got back to the big, grey city. So now I am busting out of my trousers! I went for a run today and may have burned off at least one of my ice cream indulgences.

Bacio tastes just like Baci chocolates. Not sure if the pic above the bacio is caffe (coffee) and the one below is dolce latte. There were so many at this gelateria by the beach it was overwhelming. In the last pic you will see a flavour called Puffo - like the Smurfs, not sure what that one would taste like?!

I always choose the same few flavours though - limone (lemon, which is made without milk), caffe (made with espresso), nocciola (hazelnut - tastes like Nutella), banana & cioccolato (chocolate). TheI sometimes venture out a little bit more but usually stick to the devil I know.

The flavour below is cannoli - so there is ricotta in the ice cream and also some original Sicilian cannoli sticking out of the ice cream too....yum!

My tour guides, the Puzzo brothers enjoying their gelato.

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