Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pizza TadescoGiusy ordered this pizza called Pizza Tadesco - (German pizza). It is a basic cheese and tomato pizza with french fries on top! Now I guess the grass is always greener and when you grow up with such healthy food, a pizza like this must be a treat for you.

Instead for us, where we are bombarded with fast food - this is considered, in my opinion, grotesque. Although it probably tastes delicious it actually ruins what pizza is all about.

A lot of Sicilians emigrated in the 1970s to Germany for work and there are a lot of German influences evident all around, our last dinner was at a German styled restaurant owned by a Sicilian who had lived there for the last 20 years -the food was amazing and the beer German. Not sure if this is really a German pizza, will have to ask Jappy?

p.s. at this restaurant in Camastra our bill for 10 people came to 98 Euros?! We had pizzas, wine, desert and antipasti of cheap was that? Each pizza was around €4.50.

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