Tuesday, September 09, 2008

To Clairify - Curry
This posting is for Momma Dolce.
Curry is a misunderstood food. The original word, kari means sauce and refers to a sauce that was poured over rice, lentils or any other food to give it a flavour. However, it was only a relish rather than the bulk of the dish. Also it was not hot and spicy. Chilis are now an integral part of the dish but did not appear in India until the 1500s when they were introduced by the Yanks.

During the era of the East India Company, the Europeans devised a forumla for the spice mixtures, and in 1889 at the Universal Paris Exhibition the composition of curry powder was fixed at

  • 34g tamarind

  • 44g onion

  • 20g coriander

  • 5g chili pepper

  • 3g tumeric

  • 2g cumin

  • 3g fenugreek

  • 2g pepper

  • 2g mustard

However in India and in any home that makes curry the ingredients vary wildly (I omit the cumin as I don't like it much). Many people in India vary according to their regional customs, caste and spices available - just like the Italians do with their pastas and sauces. That is what makes curry great, it comes in so many different variations depending on the chef. I especially like the coconut versions.

I think a trip to the Amin household is in order!

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