Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rainbow TwizzlersThe lovely Astaire (love the name) brought these back from Georgia - a few comments:
  • Twizzlers should not come in other flavours than original as it is just wrong - the blue and yellow and purple ones taste terrible! Although I do like the packaging and they look good in those color combinations.
  • I love Twizzlers especially from North America, they always taste better
  • I love these little packs as they are a great snack size
  • These were probably sold for the big build up to Halloween, which is something I miss, the Brits don't know how to get all excited for Halloween like the Canadians and Yanks do
  • Now that Astaire is back we are going to have candy in the office every day - that is a bonus and a negative at the same time as we are all trying to trim down for the lovely sunny weather that is on its way! Our sun dresses may get one more chance to emerge from the closet into the fresh air (fingers crossed) and our umbrellas may get a rest...
Off to pray to the sun God for a lovely and non-rainy weekend in Scotland. But also off to find some wellies that are lurking in the closet, as sometimes our prayers aren't answered!

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