Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Prometheus water
My friend launched this beverage company this week.
It sounds intriguing and can't wait to try some! Congrats Mr. P!

From their website:

We are very serious about keeping our product free of any chemicals or man-made badness. Our product is, and always will be made from the best all natural ingredients. This elixir is made from charcoal filtered water, cane sugar, fresh ginger, hand picked scotch bonnet pepper, citric acid (for tartness), malic acid (extracted from apples and grapes), sea salt, capsaicin oil, and natural flavor.

Capsaicin (pronounced: kăp-sā'ĭ-sĭn) is the super food antioxidant that makes peppers so deliciously spicy. Every bottle of Prometheus Springs is crafted with the world’s finest, hand-selected peppers then enhanced further with gentle touch of pure capsaicin oil.

To add balance, we add in fresh cold-pressed ginger to soothe the palette and refresh the senses. To make matters even more refreshing we add a hint of citrus extracts for a tart finish.

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