Monday, August 04, 2008

Ranoush Juice I was too hungry to take a pic of my chicken schwarma from Ranoush Juice on Edgware Road (little Beirut). The pic below is my wrapper.

There are loads of kebab and shawarma shops along Edgware Road but this one is busy 24-7 and there is always a massive queue. Probably because their food is the best, their meat, bread, toppings and sauces are divine. Their tabouleh was also good - they are part of the Maroush chain which always provides good quality and service so it is not a surprise.

Shame there is not much space to sit in this particular location but we managed to find a table in the end. Unfortunately while I was chatting to the owner while in the queue, the Bunny was saving a table. During her table saving duty, she had to witness a grotesque man shoving food down his gob. It almost made her lose her appetite but the fat pig, with no social skills, soon left and she forgot about the incident (the queue is that long!) and we enjoyed our little meal before continuing on a long walk.

It was a pit stop for fuel - not sure how healthy it is, but it was bloody good!

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