Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dove Chocolate

I was picked by a company to try out some new Dove chocolates and to distribute it to friends to get their feedback and try their product. I have been delaying posting about it for several reasons and although the PR people who sent it to me are extremely nice I am not a huge fan of the product.

I have a few comments about the products:

  • I like the different flavours they offer - the milk, dark and mix of the two (my favourite was the mix of the two)
  • I like the handy little packages they came in - there are four small squares in a cute little sleeve that is nice to keep in your purse for a choc-attack - perfect for a bite sized chocolate fix
  • I like the branding and the packaging looks nice
But here are other comments which are not necessarily negative but observations:

  • The taste of the chocolates was ok, nothing spectacular and I have definitely had better - especially the new organic versions on the market beat this brand by a mile
  • The pack of chocolates came with one branded champagne glass - a) champagne glasses are nice gifts when they come in sets of two (unless you are a Bridget Jones type drinking alone) and b) why would I want a branded champagne glass? It's a bit tacky
  • There are messages printed on the inside of each wrapper - which is something I love about the Italian Baci chocolates - they have lovely poems about love and proverbs but the ones inside the Dove chocolate were terrible (hire a new copywriter!) Some examples:
    • Sleep in
    • Start a travel fund
    • Jump on the bed
    • Use expensive shampoo
Not the most inspiring messages when you are indulging in chocolate. They should be a little saucier, fun or with a more tongue in cheek tone.
  • And, friends that I distributed it to - liked it but again were not giving me feedback that was overly gushing about the product
Is this terrible, to not write rave reviews of free samples? I think it's best to always be honest and if it was chocolate that tasted orgasmic then you know I would've written about it.

Overall, it was good and I would probably buy it in a few months to see if the little messages have improved.

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