Sunday, August 10, 2008

Enoteca Pinchiorri
Voted one of the Top 50 Restaurants in the world by Restaurant Magazine this year, Enoteca Pinchiorri is a stop not to be missed in Florence. The Michelin starred restaurant leaves one amazed at the creativity and talent of its chefs. The recent recruitment of pastry chef from the number one restaurant on the list, El Bulli in Spain, shows Enoteca’s dedication to be the best, not only in Florence but also in Italy and on the world circuit. We ordered the famous tasting menu and we were filled with awe at the continuous flow of delectable food served with the most exquisite wines. It was a feast fit for a king. Service was impeccable with up to four or five waiters attending our table at any one time, including a sommelier who gave us an after dinner tour of the spectacular wine cellar which is home to 10,000 bottles of wine. The gastronomic details were exceptional down to the extensive water menu and the five or six choices of salts, peppers and olive oils from Italy and around the world.

To be a part of the, Enoteca Pinchiorri must cover the four Cs in the Group’s charter, they are: character, charm, courtesy and cuisine. These are all met, if not exceeded by the restaurant. The attention and care given not only to the food but also to the guests makes Enoteca Pinchiorri a true delight.

Giorgio Pinchiorri and Annie Feolde started in the business in 1972 and have not given up their passion for perfection. They say they study the evolution of taste and their goal is to spread the culture of the best Italian food, wine and hospitality to the world. After a few hours feasting on our tasting menu and enjoying some of the finest wines from their cellar, I agree that they are not only meeting, but also exceeding their goals.
Mr. M enjoying his 7th or 8th glass of vintage wine which accompanied the tasting menu. I think we rolled out of there and then dashed off to the spa - it is a tough life sometimes!

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