Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bread for charity
If you head over to Mr. Fayed’s home (remember to skip the tacky Diana and Dodi memorial) you can get a little bit of home baked goodness starting in September. Hovis are going to be producing some authentic loaves, 1886 style. They will cost 1.05 but I think they should charge the 1886 prices, maybe 2p? (The Hard Rock Café did this one year and there were queues out the door! Great idea)

The name Hovis comes from a shortened version of the Latin ‘hominis vis’ meaning strength of man. Apparently there are many more health benefits in bread than we think, for all of you on those no carb diets.

Harrods will also be selling a little ‘Bake your Own Little Brown Loaf’ kit where you will get an original style baking tin, with some Hovis flour – you can then make these cute mini loaves wearing an old fashioned apron, just like your gran or great gran used to. How many of you have made home made bread lately – or ever? I tried in New Zealand, to impress the man, but it turned into a terrible disaster and we could’ve used it to fend off intruders.

A nice part of this Harrods activity is that all profits form these limited edition kits will go to Cancer Research UK. Go on, get to Harrods with your touristy friends and get a loaf and a limited edition kit.

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