Friday, June 27, 2008

Deja Vu pour le New Yorker
We had a very SITC night out the other night - the lovely French Madame M was in town from NYC. We had champagne to celebrate seeing each other after a long period and to celebrate all of our recent pieces of good news.

So our actress extraordinnaire decided to arrange the night - it was a walk from M's hotel in Mayfair to Randall and Aubin's in Soho. We got to the entrance and she screeched, you took me here last time! (2 years ago) But we decided we all really liked it there so why not go again.

Then after dinner the actress said she had another great suggestion - Soho House - we get to the main entrance and again our New Yorker said - this looks familiar - you took me here two years ago too!

It was quite funny - as we all seem to have our usual haunts we take guests too - I am a fan of a quick bite at Busaba and then onwards to a gig or a show and the actress's is Randall & Aubin and Soho House. When I go to NYC am going to get the usual Madame M tour too which is sure to include her partner's bar Bua. We had a great night, feasted on lobster and champagne and caught up on all the Toronto, New York and London gossip - aren't girlfriends great?! Love the disco ball and dancing waiters at Randall - they are all gorgeously gay. Pics are from Randall & Aubin's - not the best but perhaps the champagne hindered the photograph quality :)

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