Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Breakfast at SandersonHad a business function at the Sanderson Hotel this morning. We had the courtyard cafe booked and it was lovely, bar the June rain! The pastries and fresh fruit platters were delicious - the atmosphere is so relaxed and chic that you could easily spend the whole day there. I wanted to take pics of the fruit platters and set up but didn't think it was right in front of the client so have these pics instead which come from their website. Top is of the courtyard at night and bottom is of the Long Bar which gets very busy in the evenings with the chic tribes of London town descending on it.

Tip for the weekend: take your girlfriend/boyfriend for a cocktail to the Sanderson - hopefully the sun is shining and you can relax outside. Be sure to check out their lifts, their billiards function room and even their toilets are very posh.

Second tip: Try not to act like a dumb, snoopy tourist.

British GQ calls it - 'the hippest hotel in the world'

Pics below: entrance & lobby

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