Friday, May 02, 2008

Grace the cowThis is not a food posting but it has been a busy week. So if I say that Grace Jones is a cow that relates to food, non? The legend was scheduled to perform at the Scarlett Launch party on Wed and at the last minute didn't turn up and demanded another £25K to leave her hotel room to come and perform. In the UK people call mean women cows, for all you international readers.
Some people are awful!

At least the food and cocktails were good. See even Noel Fielding was enjoying one of the raspberry cocktails (pic below), will try and get the name of the catering company - their staff were fabulous and nice to look at too. It always helps when there is a cute bartender serving drinks right?
The party was for a new TV series - but there was a clever marketing twist as it wasn't a new TV series but a launch for a new series of flatscreen TVs. by LG...good one Ms. Lima & co.!

Off to Amsterdam for the long weekend, am sure there will be some interesting Dutch food stories to report back with.

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