Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bara BrithBara brith, also known as 'speckled bread' (the literal meaning of the original Welsh-language name), or Welsh cake, is a yeasty doughy type bread stuffed with dried fruit. It is traditionally made with raisins, currants and candied peel.

We bought a loaf in the town of Cardigan in Wales, but it traveled back to London with us. I still haven't tried it as I think there are too many raisins and dried fruits in it for me. Will wait 'til it hardens to a brick-like state and throw it at the neighbours when their TV is too loud! (which is almost every night, but when it gets warmer and they keep their windows open it sounds like open air cinema at the NFT - that speckled bread might scare them into turning it down, only if they hear the wallop when it hits their window?!)

I keep wanting to call it B'nai B'rith which is the oldest operating Jewish organisation in the world. Back home in Toronto, I used to drive by a B'nai B'rith sign every day around the very Jewish neighbourhood, Bathrust and Lawrence, which I lived on the border of.

The others enjoyed the bread/cake and the bakery, Y Popty, was busy selling many loaves of it, I love that bakery's name! You have to visit Wales once in your life or if you live in the UK, once a year to gaze at the signs and listen to the language.

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