Friday, March 14, 2008

Music & food don't mix
Dinner at the 1940s themed Pigalle Club for PM's bday. Food was nothing to write home about but the atmosphere and music was great. You feel like you have been transported back in time and the details from the decor to the staff's uniforms make you think Fred Astaire would soon come waltzing on the stage to perform. There is a great calendar of events ranging from burlesque shows to the house band performing.Miso and sesame tuna starterI had the lime and asparagus risotto with rocket, which had a strange taste/spice that I couldn't put my finger on. Why is rocket added to everything now? It used to be a weed that we were forced to eat as kids and now it is so cool and chic and found on top of everything from pizza to risotto. I forgot what we call it in Sicily -arugula? will have to ask Momma Dolce - it is just so sour!

And the Pigalle does not have side plates, which I always think is weird as when you are served bread and butter - where do you butter it, directly on the table? And if you want to put it down to have a sip of wine - do you put it on the table? That is what we had to do which I think is gross.

Some places can't do food and music well, case in point - went to Ronnie Scott's famous jazz bar in Soho the other night and Zeff who is a jazz freak said that you go to these places to ONLY enjoy the music, not the food. He said the only people that eat there are tourists or people who don't know that the food is sh*t. Music is the focus, which I guess could be said for the Pigalle, which is fair enough but give a diner somewhere to put their bread!
Rob just came back from a few weeks in India with some sickness that killed his taste buds so it was only Dan the Builder and PM who enjoyed their food. I ate when I got home.

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