Monday, March 17, 2008

Members only MayfairVisited Morton’s of Mayfair for work - completely refurbished in 2004, Morton’s sits amongst a successful portfolio of restaurants and bars owned by Marlon Abela. Abela’s portfolio of restaurants includes Michelin starred The Greenhouse and UMU in the UK, with the trendy A Voce and Gaia in New York and Connecticut.

Morton’s home is a townhouse overlooking the green of Berkeley Square. The place has had many lives, first as a home for a Victorian family in the 1800s, then as a casino and for the last 75 years as various private members’ clubs.

First-rate service, partnered with a relaxed atmosphere, best illustrates what Morton’s is all about. Members are treated with such care that one can do nothing but relax, sip a cocktail and admire some of the fabulous artwork in the Grade II listed building – there are Matisse acquatints in the main dining room and Julian Opie portraits adorn the main bar - I love Opie’s work! I walk by it every day in the Ernst and Young building.

All staff including the head chef, lively and entertaining general manager and the extremely knowledgeable and cute sommeliers have been trained at the finest establishments around the world, so you feel very taken care of. Their wine list, has over 2,500 wines on it - we nicknamed it, ‘the Bible’, as it is so large; there are wines on there from the year 1875?!

D & I had a great time and met some interesting members who happened to be extreme wine fanatics. We got to sample some of their 1990 L’Extravagant De Doisy-Daene dessert wine, which tasted heavenly with a honey flavour that was absolutely divine! Find a member to take you for dinner or a drink it is a relaxed place to sip a cocktail and people watch.

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