Saturday, March 29, 2008

And yesterday's lunch with Burger and Bloomfield The actor, actress and I ventured through the pouring rain, Bloomfield (in pic) and the Burger almost got hit by a God Saves bus, how ironic, and I almost got in the way of a motorcycle - after a few screams we made it safely across the road to the shelter of this old man's boozer. Once inside The Shipwright's Arms we looked out our window and saw the traffic lights a few yards away - we then used them on the way out.We ordered the usual pub grub - bangers and mash (bangers = sausages), club sandwich, and tuna melt - which is two pieces of bread with tuna layered on and then a hefty amount of melted cheese to secure it all together - for a lactose intolerant person the amount of melted cheese in one go looks painful.

The presentation is not the greatest, as you can see from the gravy drips on Bloomfield's plate, but the service is good and it does give you that old, authentic pub feel. It is a bit run down but has character and is comfortable and relaxed. All pubs seem to be turning into cool, trendy gastro pubs so this was a nice change. As Burger said, 'a proper old man's boozer.' The Brits love to use the word 'proper' when describing things they like.

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