Monday, February 11, 2008

Which wine do you drink on date 5?I have been having frustratingly bad net connection this week - not sure why, as we pay enough for it from a look at our monthly bill!? So there is a lack of posts and seems like my laptop has exceeded its memory limit so need to get another external hard drive....why don't I have a computer geek as a boyfriend - it would definitely make all this techy stuff easier!

Today it is supposed to reach 17degrees and it has been sunny all weekend, it may be premature to say spring has sprung but the tulips on our balcony seem to be confused and emerging anyway!

The weekend was filled with Shoot BAFTA fun in the sun and some great wine and food with the Am-Dram team in Shoreditch, Trevor and some non-PRs along with a JWT ad agency guru (who has an entertaining 5 date rule) from Toronto.

Kitty announced the name of the wine we were drinking (it is her fave), Montepulciano - d'Abbruzzo in her funniest Italian accent - while C and I enjoyed listening to her funny Italian vocab. I think she knows how to say 'leave me alone' and a few other key phrases to fend off the men - well she is the honey monster so this is probably necessary!

Out to enjoy the sun and blue skies and see Moatsem's latest collection at the Metropolitan Hotel. Good to luck Sabina at the start of London Fashion Week!

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