Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Evaporating seawater produces...
This sea salt comes from Noirmoutier Island near Brittany, France and is sold at Borough Market. It comes in some lovely flavour combinations e.g. sea salt and sea weed, sea salt and hot spices (cumin, curry & chili's), sea salt, ginger and coriander and more. As Momma Dolce always says, 'it is the presentation that counts', and the vendors know this well as salt is not the sexiest product to sell. With very well designed labels, modern and fresh signage, beautiful large wooden bowls and scoopers and a lovely french-y checkered tablecloth, the stall at the market looks inviting. The two gentlemen who run the stall have created such a simple, yet pleasing way to view and display salt. It made me want to put my hands into the bowls and feel the texture and salt on my skin -which is most likely frowned upon.

Apparently sea salt tastes different than normal iodized salt as its makeup is different. It is generally more expensive than normal salt and usually found in gourmet restaurants and also in those lovely hand baked crisps. I think the sound and texture of sea salt and fresh ground pepper coming out of a grinder onto your meal adds to the experience and theatre of cooking!

I might buy some seasoned sea salt tomorrow and ask the gentlemen who sell it what best to use it with. I am thinking a steak or a nice fish filet drizzled with salt and olive oil and broiled in the oven. Tomorrow is market day.

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