Saturday, January 26, 2008

Prova - ProvidoresTurkish eggs from changa restaurant in Istanbul - two poached eggs with whipped yoghurt and hot chilli butter.
This is what I had for breakfast today at The Providores! It was divine and we were very pleased to get a table as the queue is always very long to get inside. Once inside it was lovely and the service was fabulous - you can tell Kiwis own it as customer service is a priority as opposed to some British establishments who put that very low on the list.

In Italian prova means - try - so - you must try this place - I will definitely go back for other menu items and to try some of their New Zealand wines - my brunch parter was kiwi and was admiring their wine collection.

The three owners of The Providores created a unique dining experience in the heart of London’s Marylebone Village - the union of an award winning relaxed fine dining restaurant, and an all-day cafe and wine bar with one of the best breakfast offerings in London and the most delicious coffee. (from their website - am still on a mini typing ban!)

Get there for some great food and great service and to hear a lot of kiwi accents around you!

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