Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mulberry and berry red bottoms
Pics from last week's outing with the Notting Hill set - they like their Euro-trash red trousers (B & J are twins with matching leg warmers!), champagne, fast cars and fast food - well the good stuff at least.

After a night out which started at the Prince Alfred pub in Little Venice (not the Prince Bonaparte in Notting Hill as I mistakenly had thought-sorry for the diversion B!) they ordered some very large pizzas from Mulberry Street Pizza on Westbourne Grove.

After a few drinks, some competitive tennis games on the Wii (which is my new fave - minus watching B&J play the air guitar game which is no fun for the spectator!) pizza was in order.

The two 'New York style' 20inch pizzas arrived and were eaten very quickly. They were good but could've been better - when you are hungry after a night out everything is really good, non?

I think they could've used a little more flavour/salt or something, can't quite recall what was lacking...I would definitely try them again and their restaurant also looks like a fun place to go with cute booths and a New York diner style feel. I can see how kids of today can easily get fat - why play tennis outside anymore when you can eat pizza and play tennis in your living room!

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