Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Le DolciAt dinner with my two favourite Milanese brothers....Le Dolci.
At Wagamama's they ordered the chicken katsu curry - no.101 on the menu - they ALWAYS order that!

One of them was a chef once upon a time with two restaurants in Italy, can you guess which one? The other is in fashion - perhaps the bow tie gives you a big hint. (But don't they look like babies? It must be the Italian genes!)

I may not be posting much this week as have a hand injury and if I can't type I can't work! So am resting the hands for the week to make them better so I can type away more food stories for you!

Sunday am in Richmond for some home cooking so will take some pics of the fashion Dolci's delicacies. Not riso bollito (boiled rice) Mr. Watercolour!

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