Monday, January 21, 2008

Alimentari Alimentari is a new deli/café in Queen’s Park, London. My friend Clara and her two partners set up shop in December - it is a quaint and fabulous little place to pop in for an espresso, cappuccino or a latte, a light sandwich or some freshly made lasagne or gnocchi. They also sell salumi e formaggi (deli meats and cheese) and some great food products direct from Italy to take home. I bought some traditional northern Italian pasta for dinner –and Guido, who works there, gave me a recipe on how to make it- he was very helpful as we walked through the shop he would say, ‘oh that is good if made with a little olive oil and chilli’ or ‘that is my favourite, all you need to do is boil some pasta and add those spices’ it was like a personal shopper for food! And the lovely Italian accent made it even better (I wish I had one). With Clara’s style and dedication to quality the shop has every detail right. I met up with the Kirsten’s there and we all chatted to the main ‘supporter’ while Clara busily served the incoming and outgoing customers with cute kids and dogs in tow.

Alimentari’s website is great with tips on how to cook pasta, how to order Italian coffee and more on Italian life and eating habits. I love the design – great work Andrea!

I recommend popping in for some traditional Italian hospitality and food if you are in the neighbourhood! Auguri on the new shop opening, it looks wonderful.

Baci x (and they sell my fave Baci chocolates too)

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