Monday, November 26, 2007

Fancy a tipple while it is raining?
For £425 you can buy a Brigg umbrella. You can also buy an umbrella for £2 at Primark or £5 at Boots but do they come with a flask inside should you wish to have a tipple?
Swaine Adeney Brigg makes a quirky and luxurious Brigg umbrella which features a Malacca (which is a bad word in Greek, non?) cane two-piece handle with a fitted screw-in drinking flask....

Am sure members of the Royal family have this brolly, especially since the company are approved retailers to the Royal Family. Swaine Adeney Brigg have been crafting traditional equestrian and country clothing, leather goods and umbrellas since 1750. Canada wasn't even founded until 1867.

Maybe the Queen puts tea in hers? The shop is located in St. James' street - close to the site of yesterday's tea drinking overdose!

Merci Nathalie pour le email tip!

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