Tuesday, October 10, 2006

She is a good freind and moving to the land of OZ very shortly, we may have to go visit her in Brisvegas too and have her cook some great Australian fare, Jen start practicing please as I know your culinary skills are a bit dire at times...

We will greatly miss her in London Town! Here's a pic of her eating a whopping slice of watermelon in Sicily! That is what you get when you order 'a little fruit after dinner' in the south.

And below is the pasta I made last night which accompanied turkey dinner,(it was actually chicken) it is called Pasta con Spinaci and the recipe was given to me by one of the aunties in Italy. Unfortunately, no pumpkin pie to the dismay of some guests but KD will make it up to us right!?

Fresh mushrooms
Panna (cream)
Salt & pepper


Anonymous said...

Since you gave me the recipe for that awesome pasta yes, I may well make the frikkin' pumpkin pie. And remember: even Martha says canned is best. x KD

Anonymous said...

Sands.................What a pic! Me scoffing my face with melon for all to see......
Belated Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Love Jenny