Sunday, October 15, 2006

Adventures of Food
As in the title of my blog, I speak of adventures of food. Well I am in India and the adventures have begun! Starting from Richard Branson's great idea to have food on flights to India half western (ham and cheese sandwich) and half Indian (a full Indian meal) which was tres spicy! Even my Indian travelling companion said the cauliflower was super spicy -thx Richard!

So far my Indian hosts have made me Italian pizza, and luckily they just returned from 2 weeks in Italy so they know that Italian food is not as spicy as theirs, samosas with a twist, a vegetarian kebab on the grill with tofu (yum) but also very spicy and that's it so far...will have a proper lunch today and let you know the scoop...(oh and they bought ice-cream and croissants for their guests-so nice) Indian hospitality is superb.

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