Saturday, September 09, 2006

Portobello - bello!
What a beautiful place to see lots of tourists, arguing stall traders (we saw a big fight today between an ignorant fruit seller and a young man) lovely shop owners (who call u bellisima) and buy lots of tacky trinkets, fruit and veg and other great treats from select delicatessens like Tom's on Westbourne Grove and Mr. Christians which has great fresh sandwiches, a deli, and yummy treats like croissants and fab fresh artichoke hearts. (See pic of Michelle inside Mr. C's)
The link shows what its like outside.

Michelle is visiting this weekend and it has been a great time with lots of great wine, Thai food and sunshine! I even bought some artichokes at the market to make according to my grandmother's recipe but Mish will be leaving early in the morn tomorrow so will have to make some other person the guinea pig to sample them. May be calling mom this afternoon for recipe.

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