Monday, September 11, 2006

How NOT to make breadcrumbs
This is what happened when I tried to make breadcrumbs for an artichoke recipe. I first burnt 2 peices of toast in the toaster by toasting them 2x, then burnt 4 pieces of toast in the oven (as put them under the grill for 10-15 min-who remembers?!)

I finally watched the next 4 pieces of toast in the oven closely and got my long awaited for breadcrumbs. The smoke alarm went off several times, my eyes teared up from the smoke, my flat and clothes still smell of smoke....all from 8 pieces of burnt toast.

Then when making my artichoke hearts, the recipe (from Mom) calls for olive oil. Reaching into the cupboard to grab the oil, I knock over a tube of guess what.....breadcrumbs!!!!? After shouting out a foul word I continued with the recipe.

Anyhoo, the finished result of dinner last night is in the photo. My neighbours may see burnt toast in the communal garden as we had to throw them on the kitchen balcony but one may have gone overboard as they were smoky and you can never tell how far your throw a burnt piece of toast, right? Thx to J my lovely assistant who chopped and diced and washed all the dishes (good man!)

The artichokes were yummy although their centre was not the much awaited artichoke heart but some fibrous stuff that is inedible. Need to try again with another type of artichoke I guess?


michelle said...

hilarious Lisa! I can picture the smoke alarm...and can relate! The best part is that you bought the chokes and followed through - you go girl! -msh

Nats said...

I can just see you as well! My mum does a really good thing with this type of artichoke - will tell you about it or maybe we could try later? Er, it's a recipe and not as dodgy as that last sentence sounds!! The heart is under the hairy stuff I think ;)