Saturday, July 29, 2006

When was the last time you peeled a potato?

Was working on my cookbook today and after doing lots of reading of other cookbooks and thinking of food I decided to get to the kitchen to make dinner.

I had a load of potatoes that were going a bit off and didn't want to leave the house on a lazy Saturday to get something at the grocery store. I decided to use the potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes to make a large potato salad with onions and beans and artichokes (this was all that was in the house! v.sad non?)

As I was peeling the potatoes that were in their last stages of their life, I thought about when the last time I peeled potatoes was? Or for that fact when I peeled a large bag like I was doing now. a) Why and when did I buy that bag of potatoes and b) Would I really peel all of those potatoes? We live in a weird world of freshly washed, pre-cut, pre peeled fruit and veg. which I try to stay away from so I guess that answers why I bought those, as my mother would say I had 'good intentions...' I always remember her peeling potatoes and always preparing fresh fruit and veg. and now I think that is a rare sight, esp in London, I never go to my friends' houses and see them peeling anything?

Anyhow as I couldn't fathom walking all the way to durty old Tesco and then lug whatever bad food they have from their 'express' store back to the flat I decided to save these potatoes. I would boil them and make some sort of potato dinner. As I was working on this task I looked out my window to see if anyone else was in their kitchen cooking and guess what the answer was....well have a look at the picture below. This picture is what I can see from my flat and each of the kitchens - count 'em -6 were empty!

Does anyone cook on a Saturday night? In my neighbourhood I think the answer is no. Unless they are very Mediterranean and eat v.late...or maybe everyone was at the Tesco getting petrol and pizza or maybe they were just eating take out, eating out or in their bedrooms having a late afternoon frolic??!

Would love to know you last peeled potatoes or made dinner at home on a Saturday night? (this question is mainly for Londoners and non-marrieds)

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