Sunday, July 30, 2006

Request for Recipes!!

Since this is all about writing a cookbook, I have been asked if there are recipes on my blog? The answer is no, so far. But since I am going to be collecting recipes from family in Sicily, I will only get some recipes online in September. But in the meantime I think I will start a secondary mini project and that is of collecting recipes from my freinds who come from all ends of the planet. So to all my lovely friends around the globe please send me your recipes and I will post them on this site. Who knows maybe they will be in a seperate cookbook?!

(my sis and my fave brother-in-law with their home made pizza- yum, yum!)

So I will write a mini list of the people and countries that I hope to get recipes from:

  • Rana -Lebanon
  • Bun/Mads/Janet -New Zealand
  • Nat/DL/JLo -Britain
  • Jen -China
  • Clara/Alex/Lara/Paolo /Susan/Anamaria/Juizy & all my Italian friends-Italy
  • Johan-Sweden
  • Hellen-Greece
  • Kshama/Deepika - India
  • Victor -Nigeria
  • Julie -Croatia
  • Mish/Bettina -Denmark
  • Jono/Tanya -South Africa
  • Barbara-Netherlands
  • Alex/PGuy -Canada/Halifax
  • Emilie -Canada/French-Canadian

and you send them to me will post them!



Nats said...

Ok lady - will get my thinking cap on til I come up with a tasty British/London recipe... I know one ingredient that won't be included: jellied eels!

Joy Sanguedolce said...

MMMM that pizza was yummy. It's all about the home grown produce. If there is one thing quintessential to the Italian recipe it is fruits and vegetables from the giardino. You should get the relatives to send in photos of their gardens. Even our little patch at Crystal Beach provides weeks of fresh, organic delight!