Thursday, June 17, 2010

My next stop - Tom's Terrace

I personally think Tom Aikens is quite cute and have been to his restaurants and always had a great time, my ex-boyfriend even had to stop me from staring at the cute chef in action (he was reading his boring Sunday newspaper so I had to entertain myself, non?)

Somerset House is one of my favourite spots in London with the lovely water fountains and fab architectural beauty that surrounds it so how fitting to haev a great and cool patio restaurant with Tom at the helm. I walked by it the other day and was definitely impressed, the pics on the Somerset House website don't do it jsutice but check out Mathilde Cuisine's blog for her review and some great pics! And check out my review that will be posted soon as when it finally gets warmer I would love to sit on the patio and enjoy some delights from Hottie Tom and co. The maitre'd said that they close, 'well whenever, depending on the evening and the weather' my kinda place indeed.

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