Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Party at the White and York House was fab, the hosts fully kitted the house out in the theme. There were empty milk cartons hanging like patio lanterns, there were sliced beer cans hanging like wind chimes (see pics), CDs dangling from the ceiling, old fashioned cassette tapes unraveled in the toilet, and recycling bag stuff hanging artistically everywhere. Can you guess the theme?

Well it was - RUBBISH. So everyone was asked to dress in rubbish. I had an egg carton tiara with a home made t-shirt with pink paint on it that matched the pink dots I painted on my egg carton hat. Ms White was lovely in her rubbish themed ballet outfit - lots of rolled up plastic bags made into frill and flowers adorned her outfit to make it look like something out of the ballet. And member no. 1 of Alter Ego Diaries - (above) made her tea party outfit using tea bags that she had dyed earlier this week.  She even made the tea pot out of paper mache. The tea bags looked great (my pic may be too zoomed out); they were arranged as colorful shoulder pads and decoration for her bustier. Member no. 2 of Alter Ego Diaries was also wearing a stunning Financial Times outfit made of the FT newspaper. It was fab! She made the bustier out of FT paper mache and even had little FT snippets on like nail polish! Love it. You can check out their blog for more fun dressing up stuff.

As usual some peeps didn't wear costumes so donned a Sainsbury's bag or two as a hat or a diaper. It was visually very entertaining. Oh so many great costumes. So, your food waste does not need to just be rubbish: egg cartons, plastic bags, tea bags and more can be transformed into works of art! x

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