Friday, November 13, 2009

Launching today - Le !

Le Dolci, London's newest cupcakery and its only weekly Cake Club!  After a few months of doing cupcake towers for friends' weddings, I decided to start my own business making cakes and cupcakes! 

Le Dolci offers London's only weekly cake drop service (large and small boxes filled with cakes, scones, brownies, biscotti and more) and I do cupcake treats! I do specially tailored cupcakes for corporate clients/journalists/musicians - e.g. A PR agency  recently sent a box of our cupcakes tot the Guardian and they gave us a 9/10!

I make homemade sugar decorations of guitars, stilettos, handbags, beer bottles, hearts, baby booties and more! So cakes/cupcakes can be tailored to any occasion.

There is a gallery with some images on the brand new site and more to follow in the next few weeks. Enjoy and please pass the word on to other cake addicts or give our cakes a try!

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Anonymous said...

Your website looks FABULOUS! It makes my mouth water!

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