Wednesday, October 07, 2009

How to woo a man? Well apparently this is how the Burger does it.

Or as someone on television said last night - What the fork is it?
She made this romantic dinner for her boyfriend the Big F. He was a bit shocked so took a picture to send to me to ask me to decipher what it was? I thought it was mashed potato with ketchup and some re-fried Mexican beans with two sorry cherry tomatoes. But in fact, it is fish and baked beans!

I think there should be a rule that you cannot eat baked beans after lunch time. They can be eaten as beans on toast in the morning and then maybe as at lunch with a jacket potato (baked potato) but then the can stays in the cupboard! They are not meant to be on any dish to impress a man.

Burger we expect a better showing next time my dear!

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