Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Put your Creative Caps on!

I love cereal and it's National Breakfast Week so I thought I would share this competition with y'all. There is a prize for the most creative cereal idea!

What you need to do: Suggest a new cereal flavour - include ingredients and its new name and why you think this would make a great cereal. Radio jingle and box designs get you extra points. Simple, non? The hardest part is for me to get the prize shipped to you!

The prize: A cereal hamper - see pic, the packaging has even been resurrected from the Archives in America. They are the only boxes with the original packaging that exist outside of the Kellogg's museum in Excited States of America and will even contain yummy cereal for you to gobble!

Get creative! Otherwise the nice people at Kellogg's give me the prize and I have no space for any more cereal in my kitchen, it is overflowing at the moment with cupcakes still.

Good luck peeps and remember to email me your ideas using the email address in the Contact Me section.

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