Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Festival food
Great food, great music and a sunny weekend - what more could you ask for? Here is a sampling of some of my food finds at the Big Chill Festival.
A couple of posh sausages.A drink from the trolley dolly and the pilots at Eastnor Airways?
Some honey?

A burger (veggie!) at Debbie's Diner

A singing banana?
Chefs to fry you up a meal
A few more dancing bananas in case one wasn't enough

My favourite name for a restaurant. Sometimes I feel like I can hear Rexi saying this over my shoulder.And last but not least, a germaphobe food (and toilet) inspector! Armed with lots of antibacterial hand gel and wet wipes, good for pre-meal cleansing.

Get to the Big Chill festival to sample some of their food next year!

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