Monday, August 17, 2009

Babushka Miracles
My Babushka from Russia won't open, maybe I was conned into buying a faulty one? So it is in the fridge as maybe the wood will contract to allow my teeny muscles to twist it open. Or we will ask Chad to open Babushka. As you can see the fridge needs filling but it is T-4 sleeps before the wedding cake experiment so will need to fill it with milk and eggs before then and make sure the swine germs are out so I don't make the whole wedding party ill! Am praying to the saint of baking -St. Honore (that's what Wikipedia said) to make it all go ok.

But miracles can happen, or a little creative scraping can turn this almost disaster (a little butter burning the tops of these pressies) into the lovely gifts that were given out below. The receiver didn't even notice, let's hope she never reads this blog post.

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