Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nutella heavenWe didn't have creeps with Nutella, I think they meant crepes (select signage in Sicily is hilarious), but we did have Nutella every morning for breakfast! How heavenly is that?

Chocolate hazelnut spread on fresh bread or crispy toast was the perfect start to our mornings. It was usually followed by a fresh cappuccino and a hunk of fresh watermelon that was most certainly the best watermelon I have ever had.

This hearty brekafast was needed as we had busy days ahead of us starting with the 5minute trek to the beach, the task of finding the perfect sun lounger (front row only!) and then going through a routine of swimming, sunsceen, gelato and then naps. This was what the morning Nutella was fueling. I do love Nutella and summer holidays!

Back in Londontown to grey, dreary weather and I saw people wearing coats this morning - how depressing? I will have Nutella for breakfast tomorrow and hope that I see some sun.


Anonymous said...

Oh the good ol days. Reminds me of back packing across Europe when I was 21 and you were 22. HAHAHA

Dolce said...

Ha ha! you so funny. Well I will get my free bus pass before you my dear! xo