Monday, July 06, 2009

Don't go to Tamarai, Covent Garden!
The food is terrible and the service is even worse at Tamarai Restaurant on Drury Lane! I don't want to go into details as we went there for K-girl's hen night and it was a long time ago now but we were treated horribly by the wait staff and bouncer /manager. The food was disgusting, small portioned and the whole experience was utterly terrible.

It is a place for wannabes and those who think they are too cool. We begrudgingly paid our over inflated bill which was definitely not worth what we got, including the attitude. We tried to not pay the service charge and there was some fight about that not being possible. I stayed out of this evening's arguments (R did all the work) I just enjoyed watching and thought Momma Dolce would be proud of me for not getting involved. After a lot of wrangling, as I think they even charged us service on the alcohol tax?! we somehow manged to pay less service and finally left! The dessert

The main thing was that the bride-to-be had a good time and we ensured she didn't get into the pettiness of this horrible restaurant's manager. Just steer clear of this place as you will be greatly disappointed unless you like to spend money for bad food and bad service. I think this trumped my b-day disaster at Elysee Greek restaurant!
Deep fried crappy starters

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