Thursday, July 09, 2009

Don't go to: Carbon Bar - Marble Arch

Ok this week is rant week. Don't go to Carbon Bar because they have terrible customer service. It may be that they have one stupid waitress working there but it ruined our night there. Also, when you hire people should an establishment not train staff on general customer service skills and should they not come equipped with general common sense?

Scenario: I order a glass of the Cabernet Sauvignon wine on the menu - cost £7.00. Burger orders a cocktail - cost £9.00. Wine and cocktail come and bill arrives with it - strange as it was dead in there and we were hoping to run a tab since Mr. Frz was joining us. I briefly glance at the bill and my wine is £12. I ask why to our waitress and she says, they didn't have the wine I asked for so she gave me a glass of the 'reserve' wine.

I then asked why she didn't ask me and she started to accuse me that she thought it would be ok to substitute without telling me and that I didn't specify anyway which wine I wanted in the first place. Well a) if she wasn't sure in the first place why didn't she clarify, and b) you don't automatically give someone a premium wine if you don't ask them or tell them that the wine I ordered has ran out.

I could've bought a bottle or even been very shocked at the end of the night when I got my bill. Common sense lacking, non?

Anyhow as you can imagine there was no reasoning with this idiot and she was giving me attitude. Burger and I started with our reasoning to dumb ears and asked for the manager, who was nowhere to be found. I asked her to bring me another drink and change our bill -she huffed at this (again-not sure why, when this is her job!?) and some pseudo 18yr old manager came out to apologise and tell me the real manager was away.

So again to reiterate what D no.1 always says, there is a credit crunch happening at the moment, the place was dead and customers should be king, but I think lots of businesses are losing sight of this!

Mr. Frz came and we agreed that customer service is lacking in this city, had a few more cocktails, our waitress was not to be seen again near our table and then went on our way to another bar that didn't have moronic staff.
We were the only people in there. Maybe there was a reason for that!

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