Monday, May 11, 2009

SOOO EnglishMy favourite Northerner has this for lunch very frequently, hmm...shall we say every day Barbarella?
Prawn sandwich and a packet of crisps from Marks and Spencer. She lurrves this combination, sometimes I persuade her to go to Pret a Manger or even once we had a dirty kebab, but the Barbarella loves the prawn mayo sarnie; maybe it's a Northern thing. I love guessing what her lunch is when it swooshes around in her little green bag nearing my desk, the smile on her face gives it away and I am correct about the little pink fish nestled between two slices of bread. I especially love the lovely Northerner, working with her is always a pleasure. Too bad I cannot eat the divine Spanish food at her Mallorcan wedding in a few weeks. How do you say doggie bag in Spanish?

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