Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prague's Imperial breakfastFrom the website of the Imperial Hotel:
Famous for its original ceramic wall tiling and mosaic ceiling, the light and spacious open-plan setting ensures unique and delightful ambiance for your business and social meetings. Whether coming for a tempting breakfast menu with a morning newspaper, arranging a productive business lunch, taking a rest over a refreshing afternoon cup of coffee, or having an evening cocktail or dinner with friends, you will enjoy the timeless elegance of the place, amplified by stunning views of the buzzing streets of Prague provided by large, elegant windows.

An accurate description indeed! The hotel opened in 1914 and I am told is constantly busy, so they must be doing something right. It is located in the UNESCO protected historic Prague city centre. Bunky joined the gaggle of girls at breakfast after the big night out in Prague. There were a few peeps feeling rough but luckily, and since we didn't have a reservation we were seated at the 'bad' table. It was behind a big pillar and hidden away from the posh diners; it was like the 'toilet' table at a wedding, where you put all your hated relatives or work friends who may get raucously drunk. I think there was someone whistling from a table like this at Rexi's wedding? Who was it Rexi? Her wedding was at an art deco venue like the Imperial Cafe.

The Imperial is located at the base of the 5* Prague Imperial Hotel and has a stunning interior with the most amazing mosaics on the ceiling. I would definitely visit the cafe again to just enjoy the environment of great art and design. Maybe the artiste Paolo can make me a mosaic for my next bday; although I am still waiting for my painting to arrive from 2006!
Presentation of the English breakfast could've been a bit better, but our eyes were on our surroundings.
The intricately mosaiced ceiling - these photos don't do it justice.
The ceramic decor on the walls

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