Wednesday, April 22, 2009

La 'Strada' di risate
(La Strada di risate /the street of laughs)
I have never seen a waiter like this, they write novels about guys like this; a true Casanova who can work the whole restaurant and make every woman feel light headed while making every man try a little harder.

He was funny, dramatic, well built (wearing snug trousers and shirt) and had such flair for everything he did - it made you feel like you were in a small trattoria in Capri by the seaside instead of being at Strada restaurant in Clapham.

I think he must be an actor (or should be) as he floated around, flirted and flamboyantly served the meals like he was a dancer at an elegant ball. He was also funny; there were hilarious mini chats on love, age and food mixed in with jokes about who supported what football team in Italy as the table was full of the Italian gang.

Casanova is a true gem in the waiting profession, he embodied the spirit of a true restauranteur and maitre d. I think there are a lot of repeat customers due to Casanova's presence. I can't recall his name but it was hilarious to witness his antics at points, but most of all it was great to be at the beautiful Fiorani's bday party. She is the beauty in the pic - it was a great birthday treat for her to be showered with love, attention and champagne - all the things girls love!

Well enough about Casanova, the food was great too, the pizzas and desert were fantastic. I was very impressed, I never watned to go to Strada as I thought it would be a horrible chain with fake Italian food but was definitely surprised. Bravo for a great performance.

Buon Compleanno Cara!

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Anonymous said...

Cristiano!! i bet hedoesn't know he's famous yet... I loved the blog!