Thursday, November 11, 2010

Do you:
Like playing video games while waiting for dinner?
Like playing video games against your dinner partner?
Like playing Battleship? 
Like seeing what is going on in the kitchen without moving from your seat at the restaurant?
Like changing the lighting above your table to various shades of the rainbow?
Like changing the look of your table to various colors and images? 
Like checking out what to do after dinner via the table computer?
Like to order beers/dinner with the click of a button? Like to never have to speak to a snarky or rude waiter.

Well then go to Inamo in Soho! A must visit as it is so high tech and cool (the oriental fusion food isn't the greatest) but it is such a novelty being there. I highly recommend it and think it is good fun and very futuristic. It is hard to get reservations at this hidden gem on Wardour street so don't expect to just pop in around dinner time, book ahead!

134-136 Wardour Street,
Soho, London,

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