Monday, April 20, 2009

The cheese!People watching in Prague is always fun as you can get to see a whole spectrum of people and post communist fashion still seems to be stuck in some kind of 80s time warp. There is a lot of cheesy fashion and odd people hanging around which is quite amusing. I wish I could've taken pictures of some serious acid wash action, peroxide blonde hair disasters, women who looked like men in drag and some serious tight fitting chav outfits but I thought I might get beaten up! I could only take this one below, while pretending to take a photo of Bunker; witness the hot and sexy outfits of some young Czech-ers going to a wedding.

And above the gorgeous Wendel eating fried cheese, the lady loves the fried cheese! It is also a staple after a big night out drinking - a sandwich of fried cheese from some 24hr cheese dealer. I hear it is fantastic but have yet to have one, will try and post a picture of it from Wendel's archive.

And speaking of bizarre occurrences, Heather found this 'lady bag' in the toilets which has an image of a gun at the top of it. Hmm...what does a pistol have in common with a women's sanitary bag, and who ever needs or uses a sanitary bag of that size?!

The Czech Republic is oh so very strange, but interesting and beautiful. If they just got rid of all the miserable and rude people it would be a fantastic place!

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