Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back from the sunny skiesBack from sunny and fantastic TO and less than 24hrs of laying my weary head on my pillow I am off on a business trip to Praha (Prague). I am at a business dinner tonight so it should be better than what Wendel and the gang had the other day after their amusement park experience (they went on these crazy ass rides with little to no safety restraints, I think I would've cried if I went on that upside down thing they went on with only a bar going over your lap).

Gotta love the health and safety rules, or lack of them, in other countries! Not sure what they ate after the fair but the pic above shows some kind of green, creamy concotion on one plate and some french fry extravaganza on the other. I think I can smell the garlic from here. Am on a serious diet starting today as I wore my 'fat pants' yesterday, and they fit!

Too much Momma Dolce home cooking and too much indulging in Easter lunch/dinner, well we ate the whole afternoon as I heard most of you did too. I started with healthy sushi yesterday and resisted eating any biscuits although the Candyman bought me a popsicle as it was so warm and lovely outside.

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